Departmental Aim:
Seek to develop the faith of children of ages between birth and 14.
To nurture children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus.
Develop grace-oriented ministries in which all children will experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, find assurance of acceptance and forgiveness, and make a commitment to him.
Department Activities:

  • Spiritual nurturing
  • Children Sabbath school
  • Children Prayer meeting
  • Children Baptism class
  • Children Choir
  • Children Retreat
  • Children Evangelistic Meeting
  • Children Music Festival
  • Children Nature Camp
  • Children Bible Camp
  • Children Week of Prayer

Programmes :
Our programs encourage “Active learning” – learning by doing – using all the senses – rather than by just listening.
To achieve this, we use three processes:

  1. Reflection – “How did you feel?”
  2. Interpretation – “What does this mean to you?”
  3. Application – “What will you do about it?”

Any other Relevant Information
e.g Statistics like schools, health centres, etc :
The model principle:

  • “we cannot expect our children to be any more dedicated to Christ than we are ourselves ”
  • The SDA Church affirms the right of every child to a happy and stable home environment, and the freedom and the support to grow up to be the person God intended.
  • We seek to aid children who suffer from:
    • Poverty
    • Illiteracy
    • Poor health care
    • Exploitation and Vulnerability
    • Violence