Departmental Aim:
Ministering to pastors, pastors’ families, local Church leaders, company leaders, and ministerial secretaries.
Objectives: The ministerial association of Uganda Union focuses on four district groups of individuals:
Seventh-day Adventist Pastors
Seventh-day Adventist Pastors’ spouses and families
Seventh-day Adventist local Church leaders
Pastors of other denominations
Department Activities: Spiritual nurture of pastors
Collegiality and counseling to pastors
Professional growth of pastors
Evangelism, discipleship, and Church growth
Ministerial family support
Interfaith fellowship
Events Already Done:
Training and equipping of pastors and church leaders/Church elders for evangelism through the Gideonite program and printing.
Translation of some important Church literature like the Elders’ handbook and Zuula.
Updating and maintaining subscriptions to ministry magazine for pastors and Elders magazine for Church Elders.
Promoting the spiriting of revival and reformation throughout Uganda Union.
Future Events:
Conducting a ministerial Advisory
Conducting professional growth seminars for Church pastors, Church Elders, and other Church leaders.
Organising pastors’ retreat
Reviewing the entire theological program at Bugema University and other local ministerial institutions.
Organising a theological symposium for sorting out some contention issues in the Church.
Formation of conflict resolution committees.
Any other Relevant Information e.g Statistics like schools, health centres, etc