Mission: To provide quality financial and administrative services to all our entities.

Vision: To be a center of excellence in Financial Management in the Division

Core Values: Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, Dedication, Teamwork, Accountability & Transparency, Financial Discipline, Efficiency. 


  1. The Treasury department to be efficient and effective in handling financial resources.  
  2. Act as good stewards for God’s resources
  3. Build a good and sound financial base
  4. Coordinate, control and monitor all financial operations.

Current Activities: 

  1. Review, analyze and monitor unreported financial reports from lower entities.
  2. Formation of Local Voluntary Audit Teams

Upcoming Events  

  • March 15 Uganda Union Bursary Committee
  • May 8-19 Sun Plus Upgrading to all Users
  • June 16-July 1 Total Member Involvement Campaign
  • July 9-14 Union Treasures Training at ECD
  • Aug 28-30 Accountants Training by ECD
  • Sept 5-8 Accountants Training by ECD


Concluded Events:

1. Jan 10,2017 Orientation on Financial Matters to Non –Financial Managers

2. Jan 11,2017 Orientation on Financial matters to Chief Accountants & Senior Accountants,

3. Jan 15, 2017 CUC Treasurers meeting Kampala Zone.

4. Jan 26-28, 2017 Stewardship Training of EUF /NUF converged at Mbale Center in Eastern Uganda Field.

5. Feb 18-25  - Stewardship Week of Prayer

6. Feb 27-10 March  - GCAS Audit at Uganda Union


Treasurers' Zonal Meetings

  1. April 16-18 EUF (Jinja)
  2.  April 19-20 NUF (Lira)
  3. Aug 6-7 WUF
  4. Aug 8-9 RF
  5. Aug 10-11 SWUF
  6.  Oct 15 CUC Katikamu Zone


Treasury Downloads


Best Practices for Church Financial Internal Controls

Internal Controls protect the organization from a wide range of operational and financial risk. They get to the heart of knowing how your organization is being run. Lack of Internal Controls allows leakages in the system, thus a need to have them closed. Administration of Church finances is a sacred trust. It is very important for the Pastor to establish a strong system of Internal Controls because he /she has the responsibility for overall stewardship of the Church (Mason, 2009)

  • Encourage Church members to use envelopes.
  • Be accountable and transparent
  • Issue receipts to donors.
  • Operate within the Budget.
  • Bank cash deposits intact.
  • Deposit Church funds in an organizations bank account NOT personal account.
  • Conduct periodic Audits.
  • Avoid using open baskets or plates.
  • Segregation of duties


Characteristics of a good Treasurer

The Treasurer of an organization plays a vital role. These are some of the key qualities and skills for an effective Treasurer, Qualities, Skills, Knowledge A good Treasurer will:

  • Be capable of handling figures and cash. • Have an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking. • Have experience in dealing with large sums of money and budgets. • Have experience of financial control and budgeting. • Have a financial qualification or relevant experience. • Good communication and interpersonal skills. • Ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed up. • Show good time-keeping