Departmental Aim: To restore broken humanity to wholeness for time and eternity.

Vision: To develop and communicate to the Church a vision of the ministry that integrates the work of chaplains and related ministries into the Church in taking the gospel to the world.

Objectives: To work with Fields, Conference, and Missions to develop and nurture a Division-wide network of Adventist Church Ministries leaders who are entrusted with the development and expansion of this special ministry within their respective territories.

Department Activities:

  • Network with Fields, Conference, and Mission leaders
  • Consultation/Advisories/Communication
  • Resources
  • Education
  • Ecclesiastical endorsement
  • Attend retreats in December 2011


  • Social days
  • Campus workshops/fellowships
  • Week of prayer
  • Campus crusades
  • Hospital and mission visits
  • Adventist Chaplaincy ministries collaborates with the education and youth department in providing support to Seventh day Adventists who attend public/private schools, colleges, and universities within Uganda..
  • An appointed committee on Adventist Ministry to college and university students (AMICUS)..
  • Work to promote and support initiatives designed to meet the spiritual intellectual, and social needs of Adventist students on public/private campuses..