Departmental Aim: Emphasize the Lordship of Jesus Christ, to enhance the integration of the Gospel into the Christian Life Style, to encourage faithful Stewardship.

Vision: Uganda Union has a Comprehensive Financial Resource Mobilization and Management System that ensures Self-sustenance at all levels.


  • To encourage and promote Spiritual Renewal and develop materials to aid in the spiritual growth of individuals as well as the corporate body.
  • To integrate Stewardship into all aspects of life.
  • To strengthen and Resource Personal and Total Life Management..
  • To develop materials to help in the area of Biblical Principles for Money Management.

Department Activities:

  • Establishing Performance Levels in giving
  • Designing Contextualized Promotional Materials for Stewardship
  • Promotion of formation of Functional Teams/Groups at the Local Church Levels
  • Sensitization of Field, Mission, Conference Directors, Pastors, and Church Local Leaders.
  • Unity of the Church Leadership with the professionals to enhance our work.


  • Conduct workshops and seminars for Church groups, that is, Women, Youth, Children and LOCAL Church Districts.
  • In consultantion and working with the Treasury, establish internal controls at all levels
  • Promote faithfulness in the handling of Church resources at all levels
  • Conduct progressive evaluation.