Evangelism Vison 2020 is based on the General Conference initiative: Reach The World. How? Through Total Member Involvement (TMI). East Central Africa Division (ECD) initiative is Mission Priority: Its Harvest, Time through Total Member Involvement. Strategies: Quinquinal Member Baptismal Goal: 5 New Believers per Church member Plan: Win One, Loose None Annually This requires every Church member's involvement. Every Church member is required to bring new members to the Lord's fold Every Church involvement: Plan: One Evangelistic Campaign Annually The scheduled evangelism month is June 2017. Each Union, Field/Conference and Local Church Should Determine its Baptismal Goal Based On Half its Membership as at Dec 2015 as shown below: ECD Current Membership: 3.2 Million ECD Membership Goal as at Dec 2020: Promotional Goal (PG): 9 Million Minimum Goal (MG): 4.5 Million Actual Goal: ? Basis: 3 Million Members as @ December 2015 Use Half Of Membership as a Realistic Figure = 1.5 Million PG -- 1.5 X 5 New Members= 7.5 Million + 1.5m Initial Members = 9m MG --1.5 X 2 new Members = 3 Million + 1.5m Initial Members = 4.5m Each Church Department And Institution Should Develop Evangelism Plans Based on the strategies above

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Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 08:00
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Sunday, July 2, 2017