TMI Babtism

New Church Members Under Going Baptism

No Period Activity Implementer Target
1 Jan -march Revival, nurture and retention meetings Pastors, elders, administrators ,departmental secretaries Church members
2 Jan -march Identifying preachers and sites and reporting them to the union Evangelism ,TMI and personal ministries committees at all levels Laity
Jan -march Community services, Bible studies, Small group ministries, medical camps, compassionate ministries, visitors Sabbaths, literature distributions All church members and leaders in the church institutions and church related at all levels and TMI committees Communities, friends work mates, school mates, relatives for Big harvest in June.
31st march Day of prayer and fasting Church boards All church members to reveival
3 January Selecting preachers who will go to Burundi and Congo TMI(5-23-july 2018) Field, conference, union executive committees Pastors, global workers, youth women, elders (laity)
4 February 28 Submission of the preachers to the division Union TMI coordinator Congo/Burundi TMI
5 April Training and orienting preachers/TMI committees Field /conference/Union leadership. Preachers
4th Union wide community service day TMI committees Community
6 April Preparation for protocol/Budgets ,and logistics (banners ,invitation cards, handbills TMI committees at all levels To attain success and victory June
7 May Pre campaign baptisms, prayers and fasting, interest record tracking, preparing sites , workers campaigns TMI committees Spiritual preparation and readiness
20th may Union community service day Church boards Community
26th may Day of prayer and fasting Leadership Leaders revival at all levels
8 June TMI harvest campaigns Total member involvement All churches and institutions
9 July Nurture and retention committees, follow up leaders assigned. Church boards ,executive committees New believers
8th July Preparation for protocol/Budgets ,and logistics (banners ,invitation cards, handbills Councils ,boards, committees and administration Community
10 July –September TMI camp meetings Camp speakers and organizers All attendants
29th September Day of prayer and fasting Leadership Backsliders
11 July TMI(5-23-july 2018 Selected preachers to go to Congo/Burundi Administration Central Africa
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 CUC 25 Pastors, youth, women, Global workers
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 SWUF 10
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 NUF 10
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 WUF 10
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 EUF 10
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 RF 10
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 Institutions 10
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 BU 5
July TMI(5-23-july 2018 UU 5
Totals 95
13 October 6-20 UU personal ministry Departmental effort UU evangelism Departmental director and entity counterparts Un entered area NORTH
14 November –Dec Nurture and retention ,worship and revival committees on audit exercise of new members Church boards New members
15 December 2 UU TMI evaluation meeting
29th Prayer and fasting Elders and pastors Elders and pastors